Beijing Fulaiying car wash equipment limited company is Taiwan Xiangsheng company in 2004 in Beijing set up wholly-owned company, In the country with the Northeast, Shanghai, Shandong and many other offices, Sales and service operations throughout the country. The company Headquarters is located in Taiwan Taipei County Shulin City, and was founded in 1972.At present, it is largest professional manufacturer of carwash equipment in Taiwan, China, and it is also one of the manufacturers of automatic carwash machine which own the intelligence property in the world. It often undertakes technical exchange and cooperation with other manufacturers in German, Japan and Korea.


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  2015, steel use in the original upgrade on the basis of hot-dip galvanized material, stainless steel is used to make the new automatic washing machine, more durable, more upscale appearance, the atmosphere.
● equipment original black and white touch screen, upgraded to color touch screen, real-time monitoring PLC input and output status, work status of the machine, compared to the general use of remote monitoring technology, customers use
?? More convenient and direct.
● The main structure of the device with a new stainless steel processing, whole baked metallic paint.
● front door head also uses stainless steel, steel bending, a molding.
● upgrade based on the original track widening, washable larger size tire models.
● Appearance more colors available for selection, and integration with the store.

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